Lorna Macintyre

Four Paper Fugues

In Praise of the Present (I), 2014
Mirror, timber support, driftwood rail 275x160cm

In Praise of the Present (II), 2014
Steel cylinders, chain (2 parts) steel parts: 5cm diameterx23cm 5cm diameterx16cm

In Praise of the Present (III), 2014
3 Steel I beams arranged by the tide length 170cm each

Four Paper Fugues
2014, Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute

Summer (Under Virgo), 2014
Ceramic tiled plinth, patinated aluminium 23x25x181.5cm

Ogive (I), 2014
Copper 100x40x12.5cm

Ogive (II), 2014
Copper 85x45x12.5cm

Winter Garden, 2014,
Three cyanotype prints, glass, plaster, concrete and ceramic plinths, Mount Stuart plants Dimensions Variable